Debt Recovery

  • act MPH advocates is one of the most successful law firms in terms of comparison of costs incurred in the recovery process vs. amounts recovered
  • we cooperate with the renowned collection agency Gordic Collect, which has been collecting debts since 2003
  • one of the few market players with field staff for personal collections
  • we have successfully carried out complex due diligence of receivables for leading financial institutions

Providing legal support to all our clients to prevent claims and risky business relationships. We offer clients comprehensive services from the initial stages of debt recovery, analysis of claims and their legal basis, to representation in complex court and arbitration proceedings. We also carry out debt recovery in cooperation with the renowned collection agency Gordic Collect. This cooperation represents a unique and leading position in the market.

In terms of cost-effectiveness and amounts recovered, act MPH advocates is one of the most successful law firms on the market. Proposing effective legal solutions to our clients that help achieve maximum recoverability in individual cases.

Working closely with institutional clients, we regularly comment on contractual documentation and general terms and conditions. act MPH advocates is one of the few law firms that also have field staff performing personal collections.

Claims Due Diligence

  • asset and liability due diligence of debtors and their analysis
  • verification of the potential client’s financial standing
  • advising on the sale or purchase of receivables
  • detailed screening of entities
  • cooperation with notary office and forensic experts

Out-of-court debt recovery

  • contractual documentation drafting including general terms and conditions
  • early collection
  • soft collection
  • hard collection
  • work out
  • representation of clients in the implementation of out-of-court agreements
  • risk assets management 

Judicial and enforcement debt recovery

  • judicial debt recovery at all stages 
  • active cooperation with bailiff offices in the enforcement of receivables
  • concluding agreements with debtors also in the phase of judicial and enforcement recovery in favour of clients

Insolvency proceedings

  • management and preparation of bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings
  • comprehensive insolvency advisory services
  • personal debt collection
  • call-centre services 
  • implementation of repayment schedules and monitoring of compliance with them
  • representation in reminder proceedings

Why act MPH advocates 

The legal practice of debt recovery is rapidly evolving, so we are constantly working to meet high demands and deliver innovative ideas and effective legal solutions. Our expertise, years of experience, and unique collaborations make us one of the most successful debt recovery law firms in the market. For the field of debt recovery, we use special software to meet the most diverse requirements of our clients.

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