Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • act MPH advocates is one of the leaders in legal dispute resolution
  • successfully representation of renowned clients, including the Slovak Republic, in major domestic and international litigation and arbitration
  • client’s representation inlitigation & disputes involving proceedings and decisions of public authorities 
  • our team consists of legal advocates, forensic experts, and economic experts with international experience

Together with our clients, we strive to achieve the best possible results in litigation and minimize the impact on their future business. Above all, we aim to protect our clients and help prevent potential future disputes. Therefore, when preparing legal documents, we strive to identify and treat all risks, set fair and transparent terms and conditions in the event of non-compliance with the contractual agreement and eliminate the ambiguity of interpretations.

We successfully represent our clients in disputes relating to competition, banking regulation, telecommunications and energy regulation and state liability for damage caused by the exercise of public authority. We also represent clients in mediation proceedings and pre-trial negotiations. 

  • pre-trial phase & out-of-court negotiations
  • documents analysis and assessment of success in litigation
  • drafting of procedural strategies and their ongoing consultation with the client
  • drafting all types of pleadings, including pre-suit summonses, complaints, motions, pleadings, and both ordinary and extraordinary appeals
  • provision of expert witnesses, translators and other outside experts
  • proposals to minimise the negative impact of any adverse outcomes 

Areas of litigation

  • proposals to protect clients from unfair competition 
  • dealing with cases of misleading advertising, infringement of trade secrets, intellectual property, etc. 
  • contract disputes
  • suggestions and strategies for law breaches 

Litigation representation

  • competition disputes
  • disputes arising from banking regulation
  • disputes arising from telecommunications and energy regulation
  • disputes relating to the liability of the State for damage caused by the exercise of public authority
  • in proceedings before permanent arbitration tribunals and in ad-hoc arbitration proceedings
  • in mediation proceedings and in pre-litigation negotiations 

Why act MPH advocates

Outstanding results combined with the work of our renowned experts bring us significant mandates each year, including representing the Slovak Republic in high-profile litigation. We are also dedicated to representing corporate clients and financial institutions in proceedings before regulators and public authorities. We have successfully concluded disputes concerning decisions of the Slovak Financial Administration, administrative authorities (e.g. the Antimonopoly Office), the Office for Regulation of Electronic Communications and Postal Services and the Antimonopoly Office. Furthermore, representing clients in proceedings before permanent arbitration courts as well as in ad hoc arbitration proceedings. 

Our hard work in resolving legal disputes has resulted in satisfied clients, as well as significant awards. act MPH advocates won the “Law Firm of the Year” in 2020 and 2021 for Litigation against strong competition.

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