act legal

act MPH advocates together with prestigious law firms from Germany (AC Tischendorf), the Czech Republic (ŘANDA HAVEL LEGAL), Poland (BSWW Legal & Tax) and Austria (WMWP) have established an international law firm act legal. With a relentless commitment to delivering exceptional cross-border legal services, act legal expands its footprint to cover 11 countries, currently including Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

act legal international law firm – a synergy of experts from 11 countries

act legal combines the in-depth knowledge and exceptional experience of renowned European law firms and provides premium legal services with cross-border reach, thus creating a strong local presence in each jurisdiction. Bespoke legal solutions, an individual approach to each client and an expert international team, make act legal a perfect alternative to major international law firms. Synergies at act legal offer a unique competitive advantage, making the international law firm the ´provider of choice´ for top-quality legal advice in Europe. With a strong expert background, we can respond quickly to non-trivial legal challenges and build an experienced team of experts with an international reach for our clients.

Pan-European team of 400 elite lawyers 

act legal currently houses more than 400 first-class lawyers, tax consultants and business advisors, all strategically based in European metropolises such as Amsterdam, Budapest, Bucharest, Frankfurt, Milan, Bratislava, Paris, Prague, Sofia, Warsaw and Vienna.

act legal´s mission is to bring the best legal services to the market. Together, we create a top-notch legal background for our clients, utilizing the regional law firms run by top partners with international professionalism. Being a client in any of our European branches extends the legal coverage for all jurisdictions. Commonly managing major international projects spanning across several jurisdictions and involving teams of dozens of lawyers. Adding value by creating an information platform for knowledge sharing while gaining valuable experience.

The success of act legal international law firm is based on the premise that even smaller Pan-European law firms can and are providing a vast service offering without compromising the quality for an affordable remuneration. 

act legal covers all major European business centres.
Amstredam  •  Bratislava  •  Bucharest •  Budapest •  Frankfurt •  Milan  •  Prague •  Vienna •  Warsaw