Medical & Pharmaceutical Law

  • our pride is the successful representation of the Operational Centre of the Slovak Health Rescue Service and the Slovak Health Rescue Service in the area of complex legal services
  • also providing legal services to private clinics and international manufacturers of healthcare technologies

act MPH advocates provides legal services in the field of medical and pharmaceutical law, which is one of the most regulated areas. Our focus is to offer comprehensive legal advisory with new technology introduction in healthcare, medicine and pharmacy. The current trend is to minimize the use of paper as a recording medium and to safely transfer data to electronic storage. In healthcare, cognitive technology is on the rise, which ultimately accelerates doctors’ work.

Our goal is to become a leading law firm concerning the legal regulation of relationships during progressive developments in the healthcare sector these days.

Technology in medicine

  • analysis and advice on the introduction of new technologies
  • legal regulation of technological change in healthcare
  • healthcare start-up projects

Healthcare providers

  • complex administration of health care permits
  • legal documentation for healthcare institutions and private clinics
  • client’s representation  in lawsuits for damages
  • client’s representation in relation to health insurance companies
  • representation before the Health Care Supervisory Authority

Manufacturers of medical equipment

  • complex contractual documents for manufacturers

Why act MPH advocates

We consider progressive healthcare to be one of the most important pillars of our society. We cheer and fully support innovation in this area via new technologies. However, medical law requires highly specialized knowledge and a professional approach, which is why we have created an expert team comprised of attorneys, medical specialists and technologists. 

act MPH advocates uphold the status of the highly recommended law firm in the Healthcare category. This assessment is carried out annually by an independent expert jury.

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