Tax Law and Transfer Pricing

  • act MPH advocates offers clients unique know-how in tax law
  • our expert team consists of attorneys, financial and tax consultants from Slovakia and abroad
  • Recognised as one of the leading transfer pricing law firms 

At act MPH advocates we´re dealing with all aspects of tax law that have a direct impact on our clients’ business. This is one of the most dynamic law areas, resulting in daily monitoring of legislation development, decision-making practice of the tax administration, and court practice in the tax area.  

Providing legal services in such a way that we always keep in mind tax issues and their impact on the intended transaction or other business. We advise our clients in creating optimal tax structures that are designed in accordance with the applicable Slovak legislation and the European Union. We also successfully represent our clients in tax disputes. 

Tax law

  • tax planning and optimization advisory (investments, tax structure of companies…)
  • business documentation analysis from a tax law perspective 
  • double taxation issues

Transfer Pricing 

  • transfer documentation 
  • the tax structure of transactions and its optimisation 

Tax due diligence

  • comprehensive legal audit
  • assessment of risks and their impact on tax burden
  • design of optimal financial and tax models, including concrete steps and measures

Litigation agenda

  • representation of clients in ongoing tax audits and related litigation

Why act MPH advocates

We have successfully represented dozens of clients in tax and court proceedings, particularly in cases of unjustified VAT and corporate income tax (CIT).

act MPH advocates uphold the status of the highly recommended law tax firm. This assessment is carried out annually by an independent expert jury.

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