Administrative Law

  • vast experience in administrative law (more than 15 years)
  • successful clients representation in the permits granting in regulated industries
  • we have represented clients in administrative proceedings with a focus on construction and tax proceedings

act MPH advocates is one of the leaders in providing legal services in administrative law, which regulates almost all areas of life and business. We are well acquainted with the issues of state and public administration as well as the legal norms that determine the functioning of Slovak law. 

Our focus is on social relations in the field of public and state administration. We are a truly flexible and reliable partner for the whole spectrum of clients – individuals, legal entities and administrative authorities.

Administrative authorities

  • lodging requests and complaints in the event of calls by administrative authorities
  • analysing the practices of administrative authorities
  • representation in lawsuits, actions against decisions of administrative authorities
  • representation in administrative proceedings concerning the imposition of fines
  • representation in the application of extraordinary remedies against final decisions of administrative authorities
  • pursuing claims for damages in respect of breaches of the law by administrative authorities
  • legislative activity 

Regulated sectors

  • representation in proceedings for the issue of authorisations in regulated sectors

Construction proceedings

  • representation in zoning and construction proceedings, cadastral proceedings, misdemeanour proceedings and other proceedings before state and local government authorities

Tax proceedings

  • procedural representation in tax proceedings before the Financial Administration

Why act MPH advocates

Thanks to our excellent in-depth knowledge and our ability to see things comprehensively, we bring our clients legal solutions supporting the smooth course of every administrative proceeding. Backed up by many years of practical experience in dozens of administrative proceedings. Offering our clients certainty and a strong legal partner. 

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