Commercial Law, Company Law, M&A

  • act MPH advocates’ law expert team consists of experts in several areas including law, tax, accounting and strategic business management 
  • we´ve been providing comprehensive legal advice for more than 15 years to numerous financial institutions, IT&Telco companies, developers, manufacturing companies, the gaming industry, automotive concerns and dozens of other companies. We would be happy to work with you

Our specialization focuses primarily in complex legal analysis and due diligence related to the business activities of companies and commercial transactions. Based on our thorough analysis, clients are then recommended the optimal forms and transaction structure, including negotiations, complete drafting of transaction documentation and closing of the transaction. Added value comes in the form of complex post-transaction handling, including representation before regulators and financial institutions.

We provide transactional legal advice mainly in the sale or purchase of businesses, transfers of rights, real estate, receivables, receivables packages and parts of businesses. The golden standard includes both share deals and asset deals. Our clients include major funds, banks, multinationals, domestic companies, institutional investors and family offices.

Due Diligence

  • comprehensive legal audit
  • assessment of all risks, impacts of the transaction, interrelationships, including potential future liabilities
  • assessing the possibility of criminal liability of the legal entity and statutory bodies 
  • possibility of the transaction impact from a competition perspective 
  • transactions tax impact
  • internal corporate environment analyses, including relations with the companies’ statutory bodies and shareholders 
  • employment relations analysis

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • comprehensive transaction advisory services
  • complex documentation preparation 
  • representation before the relevant authorities, including the Antimonopoly Office 
  • companies mergers 
  • cross-border mergers of companies

Risk Assessment

  • risk assessment of possible white-collar crime
  • assessing potential compliance and corporate governance risks
  • assessing the potential impact of third country investigative authorities on the business of the target entity and its potential future liabilities
  • assessing the potential criminal liability of legal persons and the impact on the statutory bodies of companies

Transaction documentation

  • drafting, reviewing and negotiation of transaction and post-transaction documentation
  • client representation in proceedings before the relevant regulatory authorities approving the transaction
  • assessing the compliance of the acquirer with the regulations governing the personal data protection and consumer protection

Establishment of companies

  • choice of legal form, drafting articles of association
  • proposal of capital and shareholder structure

Company administration 

  • optimization of  business relations between the companies
  • changes in articles of association in the Commercial register 
  • advice, drafting and negotiation of contracts, transactions and commercial agreements
  • law securities
  • structuring transactions from the perspective of tax optimization 
  • shareholder relations
  • legal restructuralization of the company
  • register of public sector partners

Legislation Compliance

  • consultation on upcoming changes and their impact on business and company operations
  • compliance with legislation
  • reporting obligations 

Why act MPH advocates

Our team provides clients with exceptional legal support in the area of corporate matters for both local and multinational companies and concerns. The strength of our team lies with the experts not only in law, but also in tax, accounting and strategic business management. Together with other law firms in act legal, we provide the highest level of insight into multinational legal and economic relationships and potential risks. 

Our clients include leading companies in their business areas, state-owned joint stock companies, financial institutions, IT&Telco companies, trust funds, international institutions, automotive concerns and property developers and investors and other companies.

act MPH advocates has received ” the Highly Recommended Law Firm” status several years in a row in the areas of Commercial Law, Mergers and Acquisitions. This evaluation is carried out annually by an independent expert jury.

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